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What parents say:

"My child loved it, it has enabled me to get assesments to go back to her school and point out what she is good at and what she is struggling with. I am trying to get the school to see that she gets fustrated and needs support rather than her getting labeled as being 'naughty'. My child is 5!"

- Amelia Bernhardt, Parent

"I'm SO impressed with this website - I'll be recommending it as a parent (of 2 dyslexic kids), the local Dyslexia Scotland branch chair & as a professional (Special Needs Practitioner/OT)"

- Susan Strachan, Parent

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Purchasing Questions:

Do I need a credit card to sign up?
Yes, we require a credit or debit card to sign up. We accept cards from all major providers and use PayPal to process all payments. This means if you have a PayPal account you can use this to purchase your subscription.

Can I add more than one child?
You can add up to five children to your account. All we require is a further payment for each additional child, requested when you press the 'Add child' button once you've subscribed.

What age range is Smart Cat Learning suitable for?
4 to 6 year olds. The assessment games are designed for children in Foundation Stage and the learning goals are a range of small measurable steps that most children are expected to reach by their sixth birthday.

More from parents and schools:

"It has helped me to identify which areas I need to work on with Samuel. It's like the programme knows him."

- Paula Leatherland, Parent

"It's fun for the children, it motivates them and they want to do it... It's got everything."

- Sally Wilkinson, Canon Peter Hall

"A key motivation behind Smart Cat is the early identification and intervention of children who may have needs. It's at the really early stages where the most effective help can be given. Because the children enjoy playing the games they can be administered at a really early age, just after children have start school at the exact time that the best intervention can be given."

- Dr Ian Walker, Cognitive Psychologist

"I couldn't believe the evidence and support it offered."

- Julie Whittemore, Stonehill Primary School