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Detailed reports

Focussed feedback.

To understand what parents really want to know about their children’s learning we did the simplest thing we could. We asked them.

Extensive research confirmed that when it comes to their children, parents want to know:

  • What they are good at
  • Where their weaknesses are
  • How they compare to the rest of their age group
  • How to help them with literacy and numeracy
  • If there are any early signs of difficulties developing

So this is what Smart Cat Learning tells you, in a few clear reports.

What are they good at and where do they struggle?

written report

The written report

Smart Cat provides you with a written report which starts with a brief summary of how they did in the games overall, highlighting their strongest and weakest areas. The report then goes on to give you clear feedback on their performance in each of 12 games, explaining specifically what was involved in the game, how they did and what this means.

How could you possibly compare your child’s abilities to children from all over the country?

comparison graph

The comparison graph

With primary schools nationwide using the games every term Smart Cat Learning has a unique database of 1000s of children’s results with which to generate national averages for each game and each age group. Your child’s scores are submitted into the database to establish where they fit on the scale of all scores achieved by children of the same age. The green bars on the age group comparison graph highlight their position within that national scale.

How about literacy and numeracy specifically?

literacy profile

Literacy ability

Smart Cat assesses your child’s literacy and numeracy skills. They will have been given opportunities throughout the games to demonstrate their abilities in various literacy and numeracy ‘learning goals’. A progress monitor will highlight the ones they achieved and the ones they still need to work towards.

Smart Cat helps to identify dyslexia early

dyslexia screener

The Dyslexia Screener

While most children with dyslexia are not diagnosed before the age of 7 Smart Cat Learning provides a first step screener to help you see if your child presents early signs. Read all about how it works on our dyslexia page.

Once your child has played the games and the reports have given you focused feedback the Smart Cat activity bank will help you help them progress.


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