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You can learn all sorts of things about your children through the games that they play.

But wouldn’t it be great if your children’s games told you exactly what you wanted to know?

The 12 Smart Cat games have been created by teachers and psychologists to assess the key learning skills, and by games designers and illustrators to be bright, colourful and fantastic fun!

The children help the Smart Cat characters through all sorts of entertaining learning scenarios with their performance analysed immediately online.

So, what skills are assessed?

words and sounds game

Reading, Spelling and phonics game

singing cats game

Memory game

  • Maths
  • Reading, Spelling and phonics
  • Understanding language and following instructions.
  • Understanding and using colour, shape and space
  • Recognising emotions
  • Memory
  • Perception
  • Movement and co-ordination
  • Hearing
  • Colour Vision

By using interactive games full of praise and encouragement, Smart Cat can assess your child’s abilities, whilst boosting their self esteem and giving them some fun!

As soon as they have completed a game you will be able be see how they did with clear feedback provided in the results section.


85% of everything a child will ever learn takes place outside of school.
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