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Frequently asked questions

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How many games are there in total?


What do the games specifically assess?

Language Comprehension, Sound Matching, Mathematical Development, Sorting andMatching, Sequencing, Short Term Memory, Fine Motor Control, Emotional Recognition, Theory of Mind, Spatial Awareness, Hearing and Colour Vision

What age range is Smart Cat Learning suitable for?

4 to 6 year olds. The assessment games are designed for children in Foundation Stage and the learning goals are a range of small measurable steps that most children are expected to reach by their sixth birthday.

How is Smart Cat Learning different from other home learning resources that match activities up to my child’s abilities?

Smart Cat Learning looks at core skills, the skills that underpin every child’s ability to learn. Rather than just measuring your child’s ability in maths, Smart Cat will measure their abilities in the skills that are fundamental to maths. By being able to see where their strengths and needs lie in this way you get a much fuller picture of their learning ability.

While other resources may match their own programmes to fit your child’s ability level we have a unique resource archive of activities recommended by teachers for every location and in every format.

How many games do you recommend a child plays in a sitting?

No more than three to ensure optimum concentration and performance.

What is the difference between games and activities?

The Smart Cat games are the assessments that measure a child’s abilities and produce their profile. The activities are the recommended books, games, software and free activities that are matched to your child’s ability level to help them progress.

Can I try it out before I buy it?

Yes you can take a free trial which will allow your child to play 3 games and you will receive feedback on their performance and a few examples of fun activities to support their learning.

Does my child have to play all 12 games before their profile is generated?

No the profile and the recommended activities will start to build up as soon as your child has played the first game but to get a complete picture of their learning profile they will have to play all 12.

How are the results presented?

The results are presented in a number of ways. You will receive

  • A report detailing how they performed in each game.
  • A profile of their progress in dozens of key learning goals.
  • A graph plotting their profile with the average from 1000s of children of a similar age.

What are the learning goals exactly?

The assessment games are able to assess the child's performance against dozens of different learning goals, which define small measurable steps in a child's development.  Some of the learning goals are from the national curriculum; others are based on useful information that our games specifically can provide with regards to a child’s abilities.

How is my child’s activity programme personalised?

When recommending activities into the Smart Cat Resource Bank teachers confirm the appropriate ability level for each activity. So when a child’s profile identifies their unique strengths and weaknesses Smart Cat can draw on the activities recommended by teachers that match their abilities.

For example, if a child’s profile identifies a specific weakness in short term memory Smart Cat can draw on the basic activities recommended by teachers that help with making initial progress in this area. Similarly, if a child performed well in the mathematical development game Smart Cat will recommend the advanced activities for children who are confident and very able in this area to keep them interested and help them progress.


Smart Cat can be an invaluable aid. It encourages children to make their own decisions and assesses them with minimum help. The results are accurate, insightful and detailed
Anne Sparrowhawk, TEEM Educational Software Evaluation

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