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Smart Cat Learning is the new home edition of the award winning Smart Cat Profiling, developed by Screen Learning and loved by reception teachers across the UK.

Screen Learning is an educational publisher specialising in interactive games for Early Years assessment. Our underlying purpose is to provide tools to help teachers and education professionals working with young children, to identify strengths and needs, measure progress and identify signs of learning difficulties at an early stage.

Smart Cat Profiling was launched into classrooms in 2006 and is now used in primary settings across the country. In 2008 the resource won a BETT award, the highest accolade from the educational technology industry, for e-Assessment for Learning and is recognised as an innovative new medium for Early Years assessment:

"Smart Cat Profiling can provide invaluable additional information to help teachers and schools… this information can guide teaching [...] and be used with parents... Computerised assessment games have much to offer in early-years education and their wider use is recommended."
Government report recommends Smart Cat Profiling for primary schools, (February 2008).

Here is a selection of what else is being said about Smart Cat Profiling

‘This is exactly what teachers needed’ - Roger Brown Ofsted.

‘A great diagnostic tool for target areas. A major plus is, of course, the pupils’ own enjoyment. How many assessments do we undertake where the children are having fun?’ - Pam Roberts, Primary Choice Magazine.

'It provides a unique way of producing insightful profiles of children's strengths and needs as they begin formal schooling. Teachers can easily access the results pages which gives an in depth and accurate report of how they are progressing. It supports what we have been doing in class.' – Heather Anderson, Aldwickbury Pre-prep, Harpenden.

'The kids love it!' – Jill Watson, Lentrise Primary, Burnham

'Smart Cat can be an invaluable aid [...] It encourages the children to make their own decisions and assesses them with minimum help. It keeps a record of what each child has done and provides a profile on how they progressed and what their need's are. The results are accurate, insightful and detailed.' - TEEM Evaluation

'It’s fun for the children, it motivates them and they want to do it.. It’s got everything... It’s very inclusive.' - Sally Wilkinson, Canon Peter Hall

Current projects and developments

  • In partnership with University College London’s Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre, Screen Learning has developed interactive assessment activities with British Sign Language for deaf learners.
  • Screen Learning’s ‘Sponsor a Language' programme in collaboration with local authorities nationwide is enabling Smart Cat Profiling to be translated into additional languages. This is facilitating home language assessment of increasing numbers of foreign language children when they begin English schooling. As a result of this scheme Smart Cat has been translated into Polish, Turkish, Urdu, Somali, Syheti, Arabic and Slovak - with more to come.
  • A longitudinal study over the next 5 years with the Deafness Cognition and Language Research Centre at UCL is underway to measure the potential for identifying learning difficulties at an early stage through cognitive assessment games.
  • An ongoing project with the National Autistic Society to develop Socialeyes, the principle autistic learning resource and publish it online for the global community.


I couldn’t believe the evidence and support it offered.
Julie Whittemore, Stonehill Primary School, Hertfordshire

I love it! It's brilliant! It's absolutely fantastic and definitely worth investing in!
Lynsey Hegarty, Skelton Primary

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