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Activity bank

Loads of activity ideas to help with their learning.

So, even when you know where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie, how do you help?

Teachers from all over the country have submitted their best lesson plans and activity ideas so that Smart Cat Learning can do more than just give you feedback, it can give you guidance.

learning at home

Learning at home

Once your child has played the assessment games, Smart Cat searches through all of the 100s of activities for you selecting the ones most appropriate for your child.  It explains why each activity has been recommended, highlighting the activities that will help your child practice the skills that they seem to find more challenging and the ones which will help them progress further in the areas they are already confident in.

There are activities for the home, the car, the shops or the walk to school; ideas for practicing literacy and numeracy using favourite toys; recommended books for different reading levels; software and websites and much more...

The universal feature of all of the activities recommended in Smart Cat Learning is that they are all based around play and they are all designed to be fun.

With so many activities available you’ll be able to keep your child entertained for weeks. Then when you are both ready, you can go back to the Smart Cat assessment games to see the progress they have made and the cycle begins again!


85% of everything a child will ever learn takes place outside of school.
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