Trusted by parents of 4-6yr olds with over 45,000 assessments completed to date!
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Smart Cat Learning is the resource for parents of 4 to 6 year olds who want to know how best to help.

Itís a continual process of learning for you and your child.

  • Play Your child plays the entertaining Smart Cat games, each of which measures key learning skills, assessing their abilities in a fun stress-free environment.
  • Assess Smart Cat builds up a measure of your child's learning ability, identifying their unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses and comparing their ability to 1000s of others their age.
  • Progress Smart Cat then recommends the best next steps for your child, providing personalised activity plans to match their abilities and inspire their learning!

Play Assess for Dyslexia Progress

As parents you want more than just feedback, you want guidance. Smart Cat celebrates the fact that every child is unique and develops at their own pace. By focusing specifically on your childís learning, Smart Cat provides you with an independent assessment of their abilities and gives you everything you need to get involved.


85% of everything a child will ever learn takes place outside of school.
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